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Leveling The Playing Field When Police Overstep Their Authority

Both state and federal laws are in place to protect the people’s rights, in a variety of ways. Protection from brutality at the hands of a police officer or penal officer is one example. Sadly, police brutality occurs every day. Many are familiar with George Floyd and other incidents profiled by the media in recent months and years.

My name is Mark Dix, and I’ve spent years advocating for victims of civil rights violations. I represent individuals in Richmond and throughout the state of Virginia who have been:

  • Injured from police or law enforcement brutality or excessive force
  • Injured in a penal institution by a guard or officer’s physical force
  • Injured in a penal institution by a guard or officer’s negligence in failing to protect from harm
  • Injured in a penal institutions due to inadequate medical care

I also represent families who have lost loved ones due to police brutality or brutality or neglect in prisons or penal institutions.

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Not every lawyer is equipped to take on a civil rights case. A thick skin and knowledge of the law, the courtroom rules and procedures is vital. Rest assured – I have the knowledge, skill and determination to fight for justice and the compensation you and your family deserve. My record of results speaks for itself. I’ve won multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts for my clients. Let me help you.

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